Toy Story Quilt

I can’t wait to see the new movie! My kids grew up with Toy Story and I just love it. I saw this panel and was so excited!

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Heres the Toy Story Panel 

So I think the panel was meant to be cut out individual shapes and then made into stuffed toys/pillows, I loved it just as is!

I prewashed my panel batting and backing, I used a mink fabric for the backing, I took it out before it was fully dried and ironed well. Made my quilt Sandwich. a_toy_story_quilt

I just free motioned quilted around each the characters. It’s difficult to see but the background is blue with clouds. I used white thread. I started around Rex and then traveled in between characters with just wavy lines. I think I broke thread 2 times to travel. For the most part I just travelled by sewing on a previous sewn line.



Then I just used a black and white stripe fabric for the binding. It picks up the black sewing lines in the panel. Turned out super sweet! I love it.

Thanks for stopping by, Have fun making something today! Colleen




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  1. SO cute! When I saw the whole panel, I wondered if it would look good as a whole? You made it pop! Great job ❤️

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