Simple Free Motion Quilt Design

This is a simple free motion thats not jus meander all over. This was super quick and reflects the fabric too.

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Ok So first I draw on a piece of paper what I’m going to do for my quilting because really your just drawing with your sewing machine right?



Don’t be too critical of my drawing its just to get your brain thinking. I did 2 rows of just a smooth wavy line then  wavy line with bubbles. I did any where from 5 – 12 bubble randomly placed. Although if I started them at the beginning the next bubble row did not have bubbles at the beginning.

This quilt has nautical fabric from Dear Stella and dot fabric so a great design to complement the fabric. I can see this in all kinds of quilts…baby toddler whimsical. It’s just super quick. Your going from the left side of the quilt to the right, I broke thread and started at the left each time. You wouldn’t have to do that though. You could keep going right to left, left to right.

I also used a denim variegated thread 40 wt from Aurifil. I loved it added a little more interest.


Try this bubble wavy free motion design in your next quilt!

Oh yeah the reason why some of the fabric is upside down? Hmm well it didn’t dawn on me when I was cutting that if I wanted all triangles right side up I would have used a huge amount of fabric and then had a bunch of upside down triangles or I would have had to make another triangle quilt.  It’s all good!


Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy making something today!

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