Quilting on “In the Doghouse” Quilt

Here is my quilt made with Blend Fabrics  Floral Puppy Panel. I have not done the kitty but I have a couple of ideas.

This was fun and I used Poppie Cotton fabrics which looked amazing with the panel as the panel has mints, pinks and yellow. The kitty has blues and purples.

So here is my Etsy shop

Here is the Blend Floral puppy line 

Here is the Prairie Sisters Poppie Cotton line that I used

Here’s the original posting on how I made the quilt

Ok now that thats done! I decided to practice my ruler work. I took 2 classes on line I call it Craftsy but now its Blueprint I guess. They were both Angela Walters classes and were great.

There are essentially 3 squares in the quilt, 1 with a dog in it, one with just a doghouse and then a random plain square. In the random plain squares I did the ruler work. I can’t think what she called it but like a twisted square. So that was fun.

twisted square, done with straight edge ruler


Then for the blocks with the dog in the house I did a wavy line back and forth around the dog house in the pink. I used a soft pink 40 wt cotton thread from Aurifil. Then I did the same thing in the black house with 50 wt blackthdead.  and then the mint and yellow borders are just swirls, curl in curl out and then next one. When you do spirals you have to leave room to come back out of the spiral. I started my spiral on the side border 1/4inch away from where the corner of the pink and yellow then I curved around to the outside of the yellow border, the tip of the curve is a little more than halfway ( because you have to come back out, when you come back out thats when you curve close to the inside border, then curve onto the next one.


Super Simple Spiral Border and fill pattern

I did that on all borders surrounding both the dog in the house and the empty doghouse.

Then the empty doghouse I just continued with the spiral concept and did a spiral fill.The wavy lines around the previous doghouses were also done. This was some serious quilting. It took me a bit to do this, all on my domestic. I did pin the quilt and stitched in the ditch around all the squares first.IMG_8341IMG_8346IMG_8351IMG_8359IMG_8362IMG_8372

I used the gray check for my binding and really love the quilt! I hope you enjoyed it as well and get a chance to make something today! Thanks for stopping, Colleen

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