Painted Tile Floor

This really wasn’t something I planned on blogging about but honestly came out so incredible I thought I would share.

I hated my daughters bathroom. Her bedroom is white and girly and her bathroom is builder brown beige cheap. We really aren’t ready to change it but I thought I could paint the vanity and maybe paint the tile so much out there about it.

So I scrubbed my tile really well and then sanded it with course sand paper to get a grip on the tile for the paint. after cleaning again I also cleaned once more with rubbing alcohol to remove residues.

I used Kilz premium primer and did 4 coats. I used a roller and a brush to make sure the grout got painted.

Then I did 4 coats of Annie Sloan white chalk paint.

I used a stencil from Cutting edge stencils called Santa Ana.

So I didn’t realize that the tile could have been anything but 12 inches. So builder basic cheap tile is 13″. However I made it work.

I used a soft gray paint for the stencil and the grout lines. The grout stencil was included as well.

When I completed al the full size tiles I cut my stencil so that I had a quarter of it to work with to go back and do all the tight spots. This worked amazing.

I let it dry for a day and then used a tack cloth ( because I think water pulls up chalk paint) I’m not sure but somehow I feel like that. I made sure the floor was clean and then used Annie Sloans sealer product because it dries clear, I did 5 coats, tack cloth before each time. Put your glasses you’d be shocked at the fluff that came into a room where no one was using.

I am unsure how this will wear and tear but It looks amazing! And she is home very little any more. painted_tile_floors_2painted_tile_floors

I wish I had before pictures. It honestly never dawned on me that it would turn out so great! I hope it wears well. I would totally consider doing this in my mud room but that gets so much wear and tear.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the day making something! Colleen

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