Simple Pincushion Template Included


Just want to share this super simple pincushion idea. Would be so cute for a sewing friend gift!

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Ok here is the template pattern



I cut my template out of a thicker yardstick paper and used a small rotary cutter and a rotating cutting mat to cut out 6 shapes. I choose 2 coordinating fabrics.


Sew all shapes together, RST the long edge 1/4″ seam allowance.

You will have all 6 together and need to sew the last to the first. You need to leave a 11/2 inch unsewn section for turning and stuffing. Try not too worry too much about the way the top and bottom are sewn, They will be covered up.



I actually did not clip any seams , I did however, finger press them nice and crisp before turning the pincushion right side out.

I used a steel wool pad and unrolled it and kinda formed it more into a loose ball. I stuffed it in there and added small amounts of stuffing around it and just kept stuffing. It totally looks more like a tomato than a ball. But that actually made me happy.


Once your happy with your stuffing, whip stitch it closed with ladder stitch and then run your needle through the stuffing to secure it.


To make the little fabric flower I just cut a 4-5″ circle , and fold over the edge and do a large running stitch through this folded over edge, after getting all the way around pull up your threads and kind of adjust your flower. I attach my button at this time with a couple stitches.


To make the leaves cut a smaller circle maybe 3″ and fold into quarters. Your gathering stitch is at the raw edges. The corner is the tip of your leaf. I gathered the edges, pulled up my thread and then went through all the gathers a couple of times to secure it. Don’t worry about the raw edge we’re going to cover it with a flower!


Then decide how you want to lay out. You could just do the flower, a flower and a leaf, ricrac , all kinds of little embellishments.



Then I just used a glue gun for all of my embellishments.


I actually had a sweet terra cotta pot that I had stenciled years ago, all looked super sweet together. But think about all kinds of containers, tins, large coffee mugs and then keep tuned to see the other things I came up with !


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you make time to make something great today! Colleen

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