Pink Pincushion

Here’s another idea for you to make with your pincushion template.


Here’s the original blog and original pincushion

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Here’s the badda bing fabric used in the pincushion.

You will need 6 fabric pieces of the template, I did 3 each turquoise and pink


Sew them right sides together. This time I actually left the last 3/4-1″ unsewn instead of leaving a space on the seam line. It’s going to be covered anyway.


After you’ve made your ball, turn it inside out, stuff with steel woodland then filling. I used a thick thread and gather the bottom as best as you can, It will be covered so no worries about how it looks.

Cut out a generous circle from a thick yardstick/cardboard. I put my pincushion a plate, make sure your cardboard fits on your plate.


Get your hot glue gun up and ready. Glue your pincushion to the center of your cardboard piece.

I used wool/rayon craft felt and made a ton of wool flowers. Theres all kind of instructions Pinterest. And then I just started glueing the flowers at the base.

I just added flowers all around the base. The top is a fabric flower also described how to in previous pincushion post. I added buttons in the center and then some plain gingham buttons around as well, all from Hobby Lobby.


I hope you love this simple project! Make something great today and thanks for stopping by! Colleen

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