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Shower Thank You Gift Idea

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I hosted a little baby shower for one of the girls I work with and with my limited time wanted to make something special for everyone as a little thank you. I can see this for baby shower, bridal shower thank you, teacher thank you gifts. Nurses day thank you … and so on.

Target is my go to for blank ideas, they always have amazing little things in the little section up front. I found these great bottles with pink edging which was great because I knew she was having a girl.



The bottles came in sets of 4 for $3.99 a pack. It was a great deal I thought.

For the bottle prep all were washed in the dishwasher first and dried, Then I wiped the bottle with rubbing alcohol prior to applying my adhesive sticker.  This is super important!

For my names I used a girly font that I bought here.

I designed my little flourishes. I added some elements around the beginning and end of their names.

Flourishes for name

Ok I am totally not tech savvy, I wanted to attach the svg file and can not figure it out! Ugh I’m so frustrated. OK if I ever figure it out I will totally attach it, but for now be inspired by the bottles they are super cute!


Thanks for stopping! Hope you find time to make something great today! Colleen



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