Best Apple Core Template


Ok this is the third template from this company that I worked with. I thought it was fairly easy to use as well. I think this quilt took me about 6 hours to make the top. So great gift and charity quilt as well

The 9″ template is sold here in my Etsy shop

The fabric is So Darling by Lewis and Irene and the bundle is sold here in the shop.


I used a 28mm rotary cutter and I think if you have a rotating cutting mat that would be helpful, I stacked 4 layers of fabric and made sure I had a sharp blade.

For the slits I just took the cutter and pressed straight down through all the layers. Don’t use one of the super small cutters because your slits will go too far into your seam, You just need it for a guide.



I hope you enjoy the fabric and the template! Thanks for stopping by! Colleen

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